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These interactive learning stations are open to the public during store hours: Tues., Thurs. 11-6, Sat. 11-4.  They are also included in a field trip or birthday party.

Adults and children 3+ play in 4 interactive stations and create projects. 
Cost is $5 per participant (adults can actively participate or just watch).


Inclined Plane Wall--Simple Machines
Mount gutter scraps, dryer vent to pegboard. 
Create inclined planes to roll tennis balls on paths. 



Michigan Puzzle Map
Lift the icons  learn about Michigan
Plan a trip or invent a game.


Junk Xylophone
Play rhythms and tunes in a group or solo. 
The top is a cart from our warehouse,
the tubes are scrap PVC plumbing pipe 
Watch the xylophone on YouTube


"Plinko" Wall
Use rubber bands to make a pattern
or a path for a tennis ball.







Make Projects
The project center rotates;
look for open ended creativity.






Thank you!
Scrap Junction was made possible by many people:
Ford Motor Company Fund
Two Ford Motor Company volunteer groups
Jessica Rodriguez
Marte Marini
Doug Jenzen
Dave Upmeyer
Tom Marini
Robin & Tina Dalby
Maggi Rucinski
Leila Creighton
Amy Lebowski
Women of St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church

16135 Harper, Detroit, Mi 48224
Ph: 313-640-4411 Fax: 313-640-4422